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January 17, 2019Pinboard

‘Abstract Painting Now’ at RWA Bristol

Riding in on the slipstream of its current show, ‘Albert Irvin and Abstract Expressionism’, RWA Bristol’s ‘Abstract Painting Now’, co-hosted by the University of Gloucestershire, is a one-day symposium focusing on ‘the current status...

January 3, 2019Pinboard

‘Shape Recognition’ at Eagle Gallery

  Palimpsest, eh? Hard to spell; even harder to say, after the fourth visit to the punch bowl on New Year’s Eve; but very easy to love, as the countless Instagram snaps of peeling plaster and paint will testify: we’re all in...

November 14, 2018Pinboard

Robyn Denny at New Art Centre, Salisbury

Instantloveland apologises for sounding like a stuck record, but it can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the painting culture seems to be in thrall to all things geometric in abstraction at the moment. The New Art Centre...

November 5, 2018Pinboard

‘Harder Edge’ at the Hospital Club

Dominic Beattie is an artist fast making a name for himself in the geometric realms of contemporary abstraction: and with ‘Harder Edge’ he both curates, and exhibits alongside, a whole host of other practitioners of the...