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November 14, 2018Pinboard

Robyn Denny at New Art Centre, Salisbury

Instantloveland apologises for sounding like a stuck record, but it can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the painting culture seems to be in thrall to all things geometric in abstraction at the moment. The New Art Centre...

November 5, 2018Pinboard

‘Harder Edge’ at the Hospital Club

Dominic Beattie is an artist fast making a name for himself in the geometric realms of contemporary abstraction: and with ‘Harder Edge’ he both curates, and exhibits alongside, a whole host of other practitioners of the...

September 21, 2018Pinboard

Staging Jackson Pollock

What was that? Instantloveland could have sworn it heard the sound of anguished moaning- or was it just a gust of wind?- rising up from within the Whitechapel Gallery’s darkened archive/library space…ah, of course: it’s the...

September 14, 2018Pinboard

Julie Mehretu at White Cube

Julie Mehretu’s art- if White Cube is to be believed- is ‘traversed by history (…) grounded in urgent political and social questions while simultaneously troubling the limits of abstract painting.’  It can’t speak for the limits...